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28 agosto 2013

Anohana The Flower We Saw That Day (Movie) Original Soundtrack

Anohana The Flower We Saw That Day original soundtrack

Titulo: Anohana The Flower We Saw That Day original soundtrack
Formato: MP3 320kbps Tamaño: Disco1 139MB, Disco2 52MB
password: senseiow


1. The Next Morning
2. Beautiful Seasons With You
3. Thin Moonlight ~ Thin As Ice
4. Secret Feelings ~ Hidden Feelings of Love
5. Sink ~ Frozen Moments
6. All About her Death ~ It Has To Do With Her Not Being Here
7. My Star... ~ Steady As A Star
8. Guitar Afternoon ~ Lazy Afternoons
9. Secret Feelings ~ Tender
10. Before It Gets Dark ~ While The Sun Sets
11. I Left You ~ Did I Leave You
12. Dynamic Sunset ~ Words I Heard In The Silent Dawn
13. Lost Childhood ~ Wondering About
14. Dear Love ~ My Sweet And Most Dearest Love
15. Sounds Inside The House
16. Still... ~ Follow You Still...
17. On A Silent Afternoon ~ Childhood Marks On The Wall
18. Going Crazy Over You ~ Going Crazy Over Her
19. I Left You ~ I’m Here To Make You Cry
20. Leaving The Ceremony
21. Not As Friends ~ Can We Make It Not As Friends
22. Last Train Home ~ Twinkle Train Take Us Home
23. When It All Comes To An End
24. Epilogue...From Time To Time

1. Dear Love ~ Turning A New Leaf (Instrumental)
2. Vocal Track Medley ~ The Chapel In The Forest
3. Medley Finale ~ If I Am Born Again (Instrumental)
4. Not As Friends
5. Not As Friends ~ Thank You... (Instrumental)

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