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30 septiembre 2013

Free! Original Soundtrack Ever Blue Sounds

Free! Original Soundtrack Ever Blue Sounds

Titulo: Free! Original Soundtrack Ever Blue Sounds
Artista: Tatsuya Kato, Ta_2, Yasushi Watanabe
Formato: MP3 320kbps Tamaño: Disco1 141MB, Disco2 136MB
password: senseiow


1. Rage on (TV size)
2. A boy in the water
3. Taste the satisfaction
4. Rhythm of port town
5. Innocent boy
6. Revelry of student
7. Funny group
8. Woe is me!
9. Formal horror
10. Old days
11. Words that changed my life
12. Aggressive groove
13. Diving & Spray
14. Sparks crackled
15. Great nostalgia
16. To depths of blue
17. Painful incident
18. Analysis mania
19. Comical theory
20. Otoboke time
21. Timid boy
22. Strong rival team
23. Rival and friendship
24. Let's go to camp
25. Enjoy the tropical
26. Beautiful sea
27. Dangerous situation
28. Crisis of life
29. Memory of the past
30. I need you
31. Night sky & ever blue
32. Melody of ever blue

1. Brilliant swim
2. Strong swim
3. Swim toward the hope
4. Fear of defeat
5. Sound of sunset
6. Eternal friendship
7. Serious game
8. Sense of defeat
9. Like a Holmes
10. Clownish performance
11. Cute relationship
12. Family noise
13. Honest feelings
14. Time of competing
15. Not alone
16. Lonely swim
17. Confusion of my mind
18. Frustrating to you
19. Tenderness of teammate
20. Purpose of my mind
21. Passionate theory
22. Coming of despair
23. Real feeling
24. Feelings and emotions
25. Cherry blossoms
27. Trailer of Free! part.1
28. Trailer of Free! part.2
29. FrFr! Opening
30. FrFr! Ending
31. Welcome to the world of "Free!"
32. SPLASH FREE (TV size)

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