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29 marzo 2014

Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magica Hangyaku no Monogatari Original Soundtrack

  Madoka☆Magica Hangyaku no Monogatari Original Soundtrack

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica OST

Titulo: MADOKA☆MAGICA THE MOVIE -Rebellion- Original Soundtrack
Artista: Yuki Kajiura
Formato: MP3 320kbps Tamaño: 179 MB
password: senseiow

01. once we were
02. nightmare ballet
03. まだダメよ
04. nice to meet you
05. nothing special, but so special
06. nightmare!!
07. Holly Quintet
08. one for all
09. he is...
10. the battlle is over
11. doubt
12. something, everything is wrong
13. raise the curtain
14. never get there
15. I remember
16. face the truth
17. doubt #2
18. gonna fight with me
19. absolute configuration
20. her decision
21. where is the truth?
22. pulling my own weight
23. another episode
24. wanna destroy?
25. dream world
26. never leave you alone
27. this is the truth
28. flame of despair
29. now he is
30. you are here
31. experimentation
32. Noi!
33. the worst ending
34. I cursed myself
35. this is my despair
36. theater of a witch
37. we're here for you
38. take your hands
39. wings of relief
40. I was waiting for this moment
41. her new wings
42. solve the riddle
43. I think this world is precious
44. happy ending
45. not yet

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