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04 diciembre 2016

Shokugeki no Soma: Ni no Sara Original Soundtrack

Shokugeki no Soma: Ni no Sara Original Soundtrack

Título: Shokugeki no Soma: Ni no Sara Original Soundtrack
Artista: Tatsuya Kato
Formato: MP3 320kbps Tamaño: 183 MB
password: senseiow

01. Parting Ways for the Food Wars
02. The Selective Final Tournament
03. The Jewels Youngsters
04. The Day When a Soul Rekindled
05. Cooking, Boiling, Scalding
06. Simmered, Soft and Tender
07. Puffed up, Full, Really Full Stomach
08. The Kitchen of Youth
09. Under the Cherry Blossoms
10. Searching for the Dawn of Cooking...
11. The Silent Predator
12. The Recipe That Stares at Victory
13. One's Personal Pledge to Foodstuff
14. The Steller's Sea Eagle and the Ferocious Tiger
15. The Young Nobleman of Aroma
16. The Global Innovator of Taste
17. The Dictator of the Kitchens
18. The Légumes Magician
19. The Dish That Threatens Upheaval
20. The Chefs on the Battlefield
21. The King of Stalker
22. The Unique and Unparalleled Originality
23. The Adventure in the World of Cooking
24. I Love Everyone☆Yukihiland♪
25. The Palate That Transcends the Heavens
26. Those Who Eat From the Same Pot
27. The Menu of the Fierce Battle
28. The Strongest Heat Power
29. The Food Warrior
30. The Dish Toward Tomorrow
31. Let's Go for the Final Course of the Meal!
32. The Signature Dish (Specialty)
33. ROUGH DIAMONDS ~Starry Stagiaire ver.~

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